5 languages of love

Quick moment to myself while the kids are preoccupied with NETFLIX. Is your Netflix your friend these holidays? :-) How are your school hols going? We are getting through them.
I feel i get smothered by my kids and they are always in competition of who gets what from me, this is mainly things like - tickle time or cuddles or time with me. Especially with school holidays in full swing they have had a lot of Mum time, but they still crave more. They want me to be apart of it all - they wont go off and play by themselves and its especially when i have people to talk too. Im not sure if this is because im with them ALL the time or if its the type of kids they are. Please tell me Im not the only crazy mumma that feels like this.
They aren't the greatest at instigating indoor play either - outside they are totally different kids. @sorbetandbubbles and I  started discussing the “5 languages of love” and thought if we work out how they receive love it might just help with communication and understand them a little more.
Jess from Rustic Wren with her three daughters.
We found this on pinterest. Through @mommyoverwork
----5 languages of love----
1 >> Words of affirmation
2 >> Quality time
3 >> Receiving gifts
4 >> Acts of service
5 >> Physical touch
My girls are very similar at 4, 6 + 8, I don't think i can isolate just one, they are a mixture of #2 + #5. I know their ideal quality time tanks need to be filled with one on one where possible, along with physical touch so time with lots of reassuring hugs + cuddles. With 3 girls born within 4 years they are very close and do most things together. So rarely they have time on their own. At night from tea til bed I usually have all 3 on the lounge with me, i love it. Last night i had one on the back of the chair brushing my hair, one at my feet and the other lying under my arm… i was very cosy. :-)
<< I try and have dates with my girls where we do things together - this can be just taking one to the supermarket, trip out for coffee or an outing of their choice, but this is really hard when there is three. But really it boils down to the little things like sitting with them to help them with their homework - without cooking tea at the same time, or going for a walk together, even just reading a book - one daughter at a time. While giving cuddles all the time. ;-) This is quite achievable amid a busy life. We all need quite down time. >>
I understand this is a stage in their lives and it’ll be something completely different in a few years as they get older. We need to step back and appreciate what we have and make the most of them at this age. I think we are often consumed by surviving daily life to realise this. In a blink of an eye they’ll be in high school and not fighting over my lap and attention.
Enjoy the rest of your school holidays. xx
Not much work is getting done on the .rustic wren. side of things, im getting some stuff done but not much. So with 4 days til school + kindy go back Im counting the days til i can get some real work done. sort of anyway. :-)
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