LEATHER JOURNAL -- grounded tan

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A smooth polished leather that resembles liquid toffee. There may be subtle markings, mostly a clear leather with minimal character markings. This leather will relax and the high polished finish will soften also. The natural oils from your hands will deepen this in colour (not too much though).

(Leather thickness 2 to 2.5mm)

Classic -- simple leather journal cover, floppy style without internal pockets

Classic Wrap -- similar to the classic with a wrap around back cover that hugs the notebook, also a floppy style without internal pockets.

 Supreme -- The most popular style in our range. This journal has internal pockets; secretarial pocket at the front and a straight pocket in the back, finished off with top stitching that in a colour that best suits the leather. 

Folio -- This is a leather cover that houses its notebook inside the front and back sleeves, a snug fit is ideal, however the style of notebook chosen will influence this. Soft and hard cover notebooks are suitable, the cover will determine the structure of the journal cover. The front sleeve has 2 pockets; 1 secretarial pocket with a straight one behind, along with a straight pocket in the back. 

*** The three top style of journals all have four strands of elastic for securing inserts and a centre spine closure to hold it all together. The folio can have a centre closure elastic, please make a note at the time of order if you require one. 
All of our journals are made from full grain leather which is supple with a luxurious matte finish. Each journal is one of a kind, and the leather has its own natural marks that make it even more beautiful and gives it rustic character. There will be natural marks and colourings on the leather, you will get this with a natural product.
--- Please allow 1 to 2 weeks for your order to be finished and processed ready for posting. Each order is express posted throughout Australia.