Leather Notebook || with feature front pocket

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This Leather Notebook Cover houses your notebook inside the front and back sleeves, a snug fit is ideal, however the style of notebook chosen will influence this. Soft and hard cover notebooks are suitable, the cover will determine the structure of the journal cover.

There is a pocket configuration on the  front and back inside sleeves. With two sleeves + secretarial pockets, front and back.

For Hunter Green Orders, please select any colour and make a note that you''d like Hunter Green. 

** in the BLACK + NAVY style there can only be a straight pocket at the front, due to the front pocket adding extra thickness. 

This style has an extra pocket, a feature pocket on the front cover that opens from the top. Great for stationary, phone, papers, ephemera. 

*** The folio comes standard with a centre closure elastic, please make a note at the time of order if you prefer not to have one included. 

Made to order in your choice of the finest leather, with a lead time of approximately 2 weeks.