RTS 'Honey Eater' Leather Travelers Notebook - A5 Dark Dusty Notebook with Leather Strap

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'Honey Eater' Sketchbooks / Leather Travelers Notebook normally have four strands to hold the notebooks - this one is a little different where there is a sleeve in the back of the notebook to slide in your journal. Then the leather wraps around like a standard honey eater notebook. 

Classic Style TN are a simple leather journal cover, floppy style without internal pockets. 

'Ready To Ship' Items are individually photographed, this is the actual one you will receive. All markings are natural marks on the leather, we do our best to handle with care to ensure you'll receive the highest quality we can provide. But please be mindfull that this is a natural material and will show some marks and colour varient. 

If you would like something particular and cant find it here please see more in our 'Honey Eater' Collection.