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The 'Wild Wedge Tailed Eagle' Leather Journal

The 'Wild Wedge Tailed Eagle' Leather Journal

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Featuring a wild cow hide pocket, The 'Wedge-Tailed Eagle' Leather Journal offers a one-of-a-kind look. This unique design is ideal for holding phones, writing supplies, or other small items.

The cow hide is a top filling pocket with a natural edge, we will take care to ensure a mixture of colour will be on each frotn pockets. Its a natural product so each one will be different.

A simply elegant designed notebook cover, ideal for any wordsmiths, artists, journalers, the organisers, creative designers, home makers and the business owners. The lovely smooth lines emulate timeless style. 


The Wedge Tailed Eagle Leather Journal is a Folio style notebook which refers to how the notebook sits inside the leather cover. The notebook (hard or soft cover both options are suitable) slide into the front and back covers for a snug fit. 

The nature of the leather notebook cover is defined by superior, Australian leather, combined with our simple and traditional design. 

The leather cover ensures ease of notebook replacement, it provides lasting protection for your favourite notebook or journal. It comes with a high quality paper journal with your order so you can start enjoying it immediately. Alternatively you will be able to swap and insert your own favourite Journal.

  • Straight internal pockets, front and back
  • Back pocket houses the back cover of the notebook, slides in for a snug fit
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