'Wedged-Tailed Eagle' Leather Journal. two tone

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The 'Wedged-Tailed Eagle' Leather Journal in two leathers.

A bit of a different take on our standard feature pocket folio. 

This journal has a feature front pocket with a rustic wrinkled edge and a matching internal back pocket complimenting a different colour main journal body. 

If your colour combo isn't here please contact us and we can put it together for you.

A leather cover in which holds your notebook/diary inside the front and back sleeves, a snug fit is ideal, however the style of notebook chosen will influence this. Soft and hard cover notebooks are suitable, the cover will determine the structure of the journal cover.

*** This journal comes standard with a centre closure elastic, please make a note at the time of order if you prefer not to have one included. 

Personalisation: This journal can be personalised with up to 15 letter and number characters, including spaces. 

------> Select the "Emboss" option when you choose your size, and then type in the "Personalisation" box at 'CHECKOUT' what you would like embossed.

If you would like more sizes please see the 'Peregrine' Leather Journal in our Made to Order Collection, many more size options available.