Adelaide Hills Busfire, Cherry + Apple Grower of Lenswood : bush fire burns orchard

Adelaide Hills Busfire, Cherry + Apple Grower of Lenswood : bush fire burns orchard

The bush fire affected so many people. My Dad is one of them and this is something he wrote one night when he couldn't sleep, just days after the fire. 

Written by KYM GREEN, Organic Apple + Cherry Grower in Lenswood. SA


A bad week

We had a major fire sweep through our region this week

86 houses, 500 sheds, 278 vehicles, 25,000 hectares burnt according to media reports 

Several people burnt including my son in law, Shayne.

The week leading up to the fire had temperatures over 40c with Friday hitting 45c in Lenswood 

We are into cherry harvest and the extreme temperatures are  hard on fruit and pickers— a loosing battle with much fruit dehydrated and lost

Fire fighters did a great job saving what they could

The real hero’s were the people who stayed behind to fight fire where they could, often saving their homes and neighbours houses. A huge amount of small private units— utes, tractors, saved countless properties and structures— thank you all—no acknowledgement of these valiant brave souls in the media! Shame.

The support from family, friends, community has been awesome 

Sincere thank you .

I am no longer in the CFS after 30 odd years of service and experiences. We had a great local team and worked hard over the years to reduce the effect of fire.

This fire event was very emotional.

It burnt half of our apple and cherry orchard on the main orchard. It burnt 2 tractors and spray units. But worst of all it burnt Shayne. Arms, legs and face.

Skin grafts have been done but oh his face looks shocking

He’s chatting but my heart hurts for him. He has a long road to full recovery. He’s a good fella and would help anyone.His tractor got stuck on a fallen tree going through a patch of Bush— gorse and rough bark eucalyptus, that exploded all over him as he was firefighting. He had to abandon his beloved tractor and run through the inferno to get out— he said he nearly gave up hope of making it out alive.

It’s 4 o’clock in the morning, couldn’t stop thinking about Shayne. Needed to tell this story 

We just got power back on this afternoon, 5 days without. Finally I can irrigate my orchard — so much stress both on trees and me

We aim to grow wonderful fruit but oh what a challenging season 

Just to add a barrier— last week I ripped my cartilage in my left knee! Couldnt walk too good! Operated on the day before the fire—needed to rest up for a week— yes right— 

My family’s effort fighting the fire was truely amazing. The wind created by the fire made control very difficult. Orchards by their design are difficult fire grounds

Irrigation lines add to the fuel. PVC head works don’t like fire. All destroyed. 

Being certified organic, we had plenty of ground cover— not good for fire control . But having said that— the conventional guys suffered much the same fate. Too hot, too dry, strong winds, we’re in drought conditions, miles of forest that hadn’t been burnt for 40 years on our regions door step— it was just a matter of time to burn

Well it’s 5am now. I’ve said my piece now. I’m exhausted but still firing. Too much relays on me for to stop.

Jess and the grand daughters are staying with Jane and me

It’s Christmas morning soon, so some cheer will come to our household 

Thank you all for being so supportive to our family and other families that have lost so much

Friends have set a page where you can help Jess and the girl’s financially if you want to help

I’m a bit teary now 

Merry Christmas everyone 

We love you all

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