Meet the Maker

Hey there, I'm Jessica, the hands and heart behind Rustic Wren. Crafting beautiful things has been my passion for as long as I can remember. After diving into the world of Interior and Building Design straight out of school, I discovered my knack for visualising and bringing designs to life.
Meet our maker, Jess who is a stationery queen
Following my journey into motherhood with my three wonderful daughters, I explored various business ventures, but nothing quite ignited my spirit like Rustic Wren. Sewing has been my forte since I was a young one, and there's something about working with leather that truly captivates me—the touch, the scent—it's enchanting and often the first thing people notice about my creations.

Starting Rustic Wren in late 2016 was a natural progression after stumbling upon 'Travelers Notebooks' on Pinterest. I just couldn't wait to get my hands on the perfect leather cover and inserts, and that impatience led me on the path to creating Leather Notebooks.

I've always been a sucker for stationery and crafts. I was that kid who always had a notebook or a stack of paper, relishing the feel of fresh sheets and the smooth glide of the pen. The start of a new school year with the promise of fresh stationery was enough to make me eagerly anticipate going to school.
Jess our leather architect who creates each and every leather journal. She loves the smell of leather and making them by hand
My journey has been shaped by my Mum, who owned a 'Patchwork shop' for nearly two decades. I spent most of those years dreaming and designing future projects amidst the array of fabrics, and it greatly influenced my creative career.

Navigating the solo journey of entrepreneurship is quite the adventure. My mind is constantly abuzz with ideas, to-do lists, production, and social media, which often makes my family think that 'Rustic Wren' is all I ever talk about. But the truth is, I thoroughly enjoy it. Despite the countless holes I've punched and sewn, my fascination with stationery-related crafts never seems to wane. Each journal I create holds a special place in my heart, as each one tells its own unique story.
journaling has always been an integral part of jess's life.
Custom Orders hold a special place in my heart. It's a delightful challenge to bring someone's vision to life and witness the joy it brings. If you've got something special in mind, drop me a line at

Thanks for popping by and checking out Rustic Wren. Hope you find something that speaks to you.