Hi I’m Jessica and Im the face and hands behind Rustic Wren. I started Rustic Wren in late 2016 after finding “Travelers Notebooks” on Pinterest and falling totally in love with the planning concept. I was inpatient and wanted a leather cover and inserts like yesterday. After getting my hands on some supplies and with some research I was on my journey to make Leather Notebooks.
I have always been a big fan of stationery and can turn my hand to most types of craft. I was the kid that always had a notebook with her or a stack of paper out of the art supplies cupboard at school. I wouldn’t necessarily use it all or very rarely used a whole notebook. But I did like the feel of fresh paper and the way the pen or pencil would glide over the surface. The start of a new year at school where you would get a chance to pick your stationery…was the best reason to go to school.
My Mum owned a patchwork shop for nearly 20 years, and I worked (more like dreamed + designed future projects, with the wide range of fabrics) and created for most of those years. This has played a big part in shaping my creative career.
I didn’t envisage myself growing this into a business. Didn’t think anyone else would like what i was making. I have previously had two businesses with my sister and a close friend. I enjoyed my time while it lasted but they dwindled and our paths changed.
It’s a strange thing working by yourself, you are on your own a lot and in your own head with ideas, concepts, to do lists, production, social media, the list goes on. My poor family, children and husband must think ‘Rustic Wren’ is all I think about. But while it is still new and projects are developing I am consumed. I really enjoy it. The amount of holes I have punched and sewn you’d think I would have had enough, but no. It’s stationery related and I love each and every journal I make. They are all very different.
I’m open to ‘Custom Orders’. This is very interesting to be apart of. It can be challenging but really rewarding and it’s great to work with people who have a vision of what they want. So if there is something you have been thinking about, please let me know and I can try and see what i can come up with.
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Thanks for stopping by and checking out Rustic Wren and I hope you have found something you like.