Meet the Maker

Hey there! Jess here, your friend and the Leather Architect behind Rustic Wren. Crafting beautiful things? It's been my jam since forever. Right after school, I dove headfirst into the worlds of Interior and Building Design, discovering my knack for making ideas come to life.

Meet our maker, Jess who is a stationery queen

So, here's the scoop on me, your stationery-loving pal and the hands behind all those leather goodies you're eyeing. My adventure into motherhood with my three amazing daughters took me down several paths, but it was Rustic Wren that really made my heart sing.

Sewing? I've been at it since I could barely reach the sewing machine, but leather... there's something about it. The touch, the smell—it's like a little bit of magic every time.

Rustic Wren kicked off in late 2016, all because I fell head over heels for 'Travelers Notebooks' I found on Pinterest. I was so eager to wrap my hands around the perfect leather cover and inserts that I just had to make my own.

I'm that friend who's always had a notebook or a pile of paper, loving the crisp feel of new pages and the smooth flow of ink. Remember getting excited about new stationery for school? That was me, every single year.

Now, as your leather architect, every journal I craft is done with heaps of love. The smell of leather, the joy of creating something by hand—it's part of who I am, deeply influenced by my childhood surrounded by fabric and dreams in my Mum’s 'Patchwork shop.'

Jess our leather architect who creates each and every leather journal. She loves the smell of leather and making them by hand

Taking this leap into running Rustic Wren solo has been a wild ride. My mind's always buzzing with ideas, designs, and, honestly, a lot of chat about 'Rustic Wren'—my family can vouch for that! But truly, I love every bit of it. Every journal, every piece, holds a special place in my heart, telling its own unique tale.

Journaling has been a huge part of my journey, a slice of my soul laid bare on paper. And you know, sharing this passion with you, bringing a bit of beauty and craftsmanship into your hands—it's what makes this all worth it.

journaling has always been an integral part of jess's life.

Thanks a ton for swinging by and getting to know Rustic Wren a bit better. If anything here catches your eye, feels like it's calling your name, I'm just a message away at

Here's to finding that perfect piece that feels like it was made just for you.

Cheers, friend!

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