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Branding Menus

Branding Menus

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Elevate your brand presence with our exquisite leather menus. Choose from two distinct options to showcase your logo and make a lasting impression on your customers.

Option 1: Laser Engraved Experience precision and sophistication with our laser engraved option. Your digital image is intricately engraved onto the leather, resulting in a striking black etching. Ideal for logos or designs up to 8 x 10 cm, this method ensures a sleek and professional finish. (The pricing will include a set up fee and engraving fee)

Option 2: Custom Brass Stamp For a classic touch of elegance, opt for our custom brass stamp option. We craft a brass stamp featuring your logo, which is then used to impress your design onto the leather. The result is a subtle yet distinguished impression with a slight darker tinge, achieved through heat application. Size reccomendation: no larger than 10 cm wide + 6 cm high. (The pricing will include the cost of the stamp and stamping fee) The stamp will become yours once the project is complete, you can use this brand over on an open flame to brand wooden boards. 

>>> Please note that this service is an add-on feature and should be selected along with your desired menu style before finalising your order.

Both options add a professional flair to your menus, elevating your brand and leaving a lasting impression on your clientele. For more information or to discuss customization options, please don't hesitate to contact us. Let your brand shine with our bespoke leather menus.

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