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Rustic Wren

The 'Whistler' Brushroll in Butterscotch

The 'Whistler' Brushroll in Butterscotch

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Unveil the Charm of the 'Whistler' Leather Brush/Tool Roll: Where Elegance Meets Unbounded Creativity

Discover the unparalleled blend of aesthetic grace and practical genius in our 'Whistler' Leather Brush/Tool Roll. Crafted for the discerning artist, dynamic professional, and every creative soul in between, the 'Whistler' stands as a beacon of our commitment to infusing everyday essentials with a touch of luxury and a dash of rustic charm.

Crafted for the Creative Heart:

The 'Whistler' is not merely a tool roll; it's a testament to the art of organised creativity. With dual rows of versatile storage, it gracefully accommodates a diverse range of tools, from the fine bristles of paint brushes to the sleek bodies of pens and pencils. Each pocket is a snug sanctuary for your cherished tools, ensuring they're ready when inspiration strikes.

Designed with You in Mind:

Adaptability lies at the core of the 'Whistler'. Its design is a harmony of functionality and elegance, featuring an adjustable leather flap and a secure wrap-around strap, providing peace of mind for the roving artist or bustling professional. The generous dimensions unfurl to reveal a thoughtfully arranged space where every item finds its place.

A Gift of Enduring Elegance:

The 'Whistler' Leather Brush/Tool Roll is more than an accessory; it's a companion for your creative journey, an organiser for your adventures, and a treasure that grows with you. Ideal for gifting to those who value the blend of luxury and practicality or as a special indulgence for yourself, it's a piece that holds stories, dreams, and the promise of countless creations.

Embrace the 'Whistler' and let it accompany you or your loved ones on a voyage of creativity, order, and personal expression. With Rustic Wren, every stroke of the brush, line of the pen, or sweep of the makeup brush is an ode to the beauty of handcrafted life.

Size Details

SIZE: layed flat.
Whistler Art/ Brushroll: 12 pkts. adj height
w. 45 x h. 50cm
Hummingbird Art roll: 3 tall + 1 full height pkt, fixed height
w. 35 x h.25 cm
Pigeon Art roll: 4 pkts, fixed height
w. 50 x h. 23 cm
Cockatoo Art roll: 5 pkts with zipper pkt, fixed height
w. 45 x h. 25 cm

Shipping Info

Each product is handcrafted in our Adelaide Hills workshop with a production time of 2 to 3 weeks. We strive to shorten this timeframe whenever possible. Once completed, your order will be Express Posted via Australia Post, typically arriving within 2 to 3 days within Australia.

Leather Info

TOBACCO: Step into the world of our Tobacco Leather, where the essence of rugged sophistication meets the allure of timeless style. This thinner range leather captivates with its slight shine, offering a hint of elegance amidst its rough, grunge character. Each piece tells a unique story, marked by dark spots and wrinkles that add depth and intrigue, creating a worn-in look that's both refined and authentic.

Imbued with deep, rich tobacco brown tones, this leather is a nod to the raw beauty and enduring spirit of the natural world. It's designed for those who appreciate the finer details and the stories behind them, embodying a life lived fully and with intention. Tobacco is not just a choice; it's a statement of sophistication, resilience, and a love for the journey, making every piece a personal testament to the adventures that shape us.

BUTTERSCOTCH: Immerse yourself in the gentle embrace of our Butterscotch leather, a harmonious blend of softness and warmth. This delicate leather, with its inviting butterscotch hues, offers a comforting, worn-in feel from the very first touch. Its subtle texture whispers tales of quiet moments and cherished memories, creating a bond that deepens with every use.

Uniform in colour, Butterscotch leather radiates a serene and consistent warmth, making it a perfect companion for those who seek solace in the tactile. It's crafted for the dreamers, the thinkers, and the lovers of life's simple pleasures, evoking a sense of calm and belonging in every piece.

Cherish the simplicity, the softness, and the warmth of Butterscotch leather, a testament to the beauty of gentle moments and the enduring charm of tactile connection.

NOUGAT: Embrace the serene elegance of our Nougat Leather, with its soft beige hue and mottled texture that adds character to every piece. This leather showcases a slight sheen and rich texture, revealing the craftsmanship behind its buffed finish. Ideal for those who appreciate subtlety and luxury, Nougat offers a tranquil palette for personal expression, blending versatility with visual appeal. It’s a testament to elegance and the joy of life's finer details, making each creation distinctly beautiful.

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