Leather Menu - simple style

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Our 'Red Robin' Menu is a simple style, with a full leather cover with a few varieties of the way the spine operates.

1/ kangaroo leather lace to secure the menu, paper folded in half and passed through the lace

2/ 2 x elastic straps to secure the menu, paper folded in half and passed through the elastics

3/ brass screws along the spine to secure the menu, single piece of paper with punched holes. 

We recommend using a heavier weight paper, or card for the menu for longevity as the leather lace will wear the spine slightly. 

Personalisation can be added and this is added once your order is placed. A custom stamp is created just for you and then hand-stamped on to the leather, using heat and pressure. Depending on size it can added to your order for approx. $8 to $25 each menu. (minimum quantities apply)

 If you are after quantities more than 10 please contact us and we'll give you a discount code to use at checkout.